A tribute to Dr. Ishwari Prasad            
About Dr. Ishwari Prasad

Dr. Ishwari Prasad was born in Agra in a village called Kurrachittarpur. His father Lt. Shobharam Upadhyay was Head Master in a School. His untimely death left a very young Dr. Ishwari Prasad a student of class 12th to looked-after is younger brothers & sisters, Dr. Saheb continued his education and earned his livelihood by giving tuitions, he educated his younger brothers & sisters and looked-after the whole family. Dr. Ishwari Prasad was a student of Agra College and while he was studying in M.A., he was taking B.A. classes. During one of his lectures Prof. Rush Brook Williams was present & he believed that Dr. Ishwari Prasad possessed unusual qualifications as a Historian. He invited Dr. Saheb to teach at the University of Allahabad.Dr. Saheb was elected Member of Legislative Council from the graduate constituency for 3 terms continuously. Contributions to historical research and scholarship. He was conferred Padam Bhusan by the President of India for his contributions to History.

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